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Use and review products from the brands you love and get paid for promoting your experience to friends, family and social media networks.




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How it Works

Get paid for creating honest and engaging content around the products and brands that mean the most to you.


Create Photos

Create photos of the products you are using and share your experiences to social media for your friends and family to see.


Shoot Videos

Film yourself or others using the products and capture people's attention by shooting fun, engaging sponsored content.


Post Reviews 

Leave product reviews on websites or answer simple questionnaires and surveys on your product experiences.


Share Testimonials

Tell friends, family, colleagues and social media connections about the products you are using and get paid for it!

Why CrowdSwell?

Join our broad and diverse community of brand advocates who are getting paid for creating buzz and sharing their honest experiences of products they love.


Open an Account.

Apply for brand campaigns and get free access to premium products.

From beauty & cosmetics, meal-kits, pet care, health & wellbeing, FMCG and retail.... there's something for everyone at CrowdSwell.

Create Buzz.

Share your opinions and experiences to those around you.

The more buzz you build, the more you get in return!


Get Paid.

Looking for some extra cash? CrowdSwell can help.

Campaigns range from fixed payment fees, affiliate commissions, contra exchanges and gifting.


Word of mouth promotion is the leading contributor for driving sales. 

CrowdSwell allows you to build a community of trusted and reliable brand advocates who will drive organic and honest promotion of your products across their personal and social networks.... at SCALE!!!

Why Advertisers love CrowdSwell.

"We were able to significantly increase our UGC creative assets"

Ask us how UGC improves the ROI of your paid advertising campaigns.

Matthew Phelan
CMO Laundy Group

Sign up Today!

Open an account and start applying for product campaigns. You won't be disappointed!!

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