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At CrowdSwell we can get the masses genuinely hyping up your brand through incentivised word-of-mouth promotion. Better yet, they will also build you a library of high performing authentic creative assets that can be used across your marketing channels.

How it Works

Using our proprietary software, we build you a private network of brand enthusiasts who love your products and are capable of driving mega hype across their personal and digital networks.


Just fill out the CrowdSwell campaign brief, and set the campaign terms. We do the rest. 

Approved and qualified brand advocates apply to be involved your programs, and accept the terms you propose. They then receive the products or experiences you want promoted, and start driving word of mouth promotion at scale.

Sit back and watch as your bank of promotional content grows into a library of authentic creative assets that can be used across your owned and paid marketing channels.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Twitter


Start Today

Fill out the CrowdSwell campaign brief by answering a few of our questions, and we can start building your campaign today!

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