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Our Features

As part of joining the CrowdSwell community, you will gain access and benefits to a wide range of campaign opportunities.


Sponsored Campaigns

Become a paid brand ambassador by participating in campaigns that pay you for your advocacy and promotion of products in a truthful, fun and engaging way.


Performance Campaigns

Based on your influence and ability to drive successful outcomes for advertisers, receive free products, be rewarded with extra incentives, get exclusive offers and even be paid commissions.


Content Campaigns

Get paid or rewarded for creating branded content that advertising partners can use in their own marketing, whether than be publishing your content on their website or in paid ad campaigns.


Gifting Campaigns

Receive free products that interest you and share your genuine experiences to friends, family, colleagues, on websites and across your social media networks.


Experience Campaigns

Be invited to exclusive exhibitions, money can't buy experiences, and get VIP treatment when attending some of Australia's most exciting productions, festivals and sporting events.


Social Media Campaigns

Use your social media clout to create honest, engaging buzz that encourages your audiences to adopt and buy the every day products you love using.

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